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I know this is a prototype, but I think your name could be more expressive of the content I'm going to experience.  Names are an essential way we interact with media, and coming up with even a functional name ("Multiplayer Stealth Coin Game") is valuable design work, which will give your audience a good idea of what you're trying to convey, and internally give you a way of referring to the game without "ownership" - "this is XX's prototype".  I'd challenge you to come up with a more creative name that just a functional one.

The UI/UX design of this game is lacking, which is fine, because it's a prototype.  However, you have a responsibility as a designer to communicate to your testers/team how to play the game, what the goals are, and what is missing that you wish was in the game.  After playing the game and beginning to give feedback, I saw a comment you posted that said "Coins randomly appear throughout the map, move with (WASD, IJKL) and Sword attack with (E, O).  Collect coins and use (1234, 6789) to change color." -> however, a) this isn't where itch game instructions are usually placed, and b) it doesn't show / explain any of your design decisions or player goals.  I would challenge you to consider your presentation and aim to communicate them better, as the quality of your feedback depends on it.

Resource wise, I think attacking could use up the resources you have, making it impossible to hide any longer in that color?

I like the main idea at work here. the idea of sneaking around, managing your color and trying to be stealthy is neat. But I think multiplayer is all about communication. It's not clear who's winning or what winning is -- is my goal to kill, or to get collectibles? How much green do I have left when I use it? It's really hard to judge what's going on without that stuff (an ugly text box is totally fine for this level prototype). I kind of want semi-obscured transitional areas where I can change my color (like there is a wall in the foreground that I can go in front of, so I'm not guaranteed to be half the wrong color when I go from one room to the next). It might partly be the UI, but I'm not really feeling the resource aspect of this. It does seem like I run out of each one, but they still kind of just feel like regular old resources in that regard.

Coins randomly appear throughout the map, move with (WASD, IJKL) and Sword attack with (E, O).  Collect coins and use (1234, 6789) to change color.